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Tuesday, December 23, 2014



February 14 - 22

Forget Me Not Consignments
13723 100th AVE NE 
STE C Kirkland, WA 98034

Monday-Friday:       10:00-7:00
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00-6:00

Accepting Spring Items now!

Tuesday - Friday: 10:00-4:00
Saturday:              11:00-4:00

*White trash bag size or smaller

Consignment Highlights:

  • Items go out in the order received. 
  • We run 6-8 weeks out. 
  • Consignment period is 60 days. 
  • You receive 40% of the selling price. 
  • You can check if you have credit online or in store. 
  • We will hold your credit for 6 MONTHS. 
  • Checks can be picked up Tuesday-Saturday until 4PM
  • If you checked “Return” on your contract, we’ll email you 5 days prior to your end date, just reply to this email and we will pull your unsold items! 
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Forget Me Not Consignments is proudly a family owned business!  We’ve been in business since 2003!  We are located in Juanita right on 100th Avenue.  We carry clothing and accessories for the whole family, making us your one stop shopping place for clothing and accessories!

Who We Are

Mary and Jamie are a mother/daughter team who run the shop on a daily basis, alongside our amazing staff: Renae, Crystal, Breeya, Jennifer, Megan & Margaret!

Consignment: How It Works

We try to make consignment as simple and easy as possible for you.  We take 5 breaks a year from incoming items (1 week at a time).  

 We generally run 6-8 weeks out.  This means items you drop off today will go into storage and won’t go out on the floor for 6-8 weeks.

You have your items in bags, now what?  Please make two piles of clothes at home before drop off.  One pile will be for donation and the other for consignment.  We only accept quality items free from defects and new within 3 years.  When you arrive at our store, we have two donation bins in our parking lot, feel free to drop off your donation items in those bins, then head on inside with your 1 white garbage bag full of consignment items!  

The Process

Once we’ve accepted your items for consignment we will put your items in storage, and enter them into our system in order of drop off.  Generally 8 weeks later your items will be pulled from storage and Mary will price your items.  Once your item(s) have been tagged, Renae will hang, steam and put your items out for sale.  Items are subject to special sales that we have throughout the year, and every month we reduce the price.  

 If you want back unsold items, please make sure you checked "Return" on your contract.  Doing so, we will automatically send you an email 5 days before your consignment end date.  At that point, if you decide you would like those unsold items back, print the email we sent you.  The email will have an inventory list on it.  You may come in anytime we're open to pull your items off the sales floor.  Once you've found them give them to our front desk staff to remove from our hangers, return in the computer and bag up for you.

If we do not hear from you, your items may be reduced to sell on clearance or donated for you after the 60 day consignment period.  Your credit will remain in your account for 6 MONTHS.  You can use your credit to purchase items here or pick up a check, whatever you prefer!  Checks can only be written when Jamie or Mary are on site, generally Tuesday through Saturday until 4:00pm.


Consignors receive 40% of the selling price of their items.  It is a 60 day consignment period.  On your contract you can choose to donate or have items returned that don't sell. If you choose "return" on your contract we will email you 5 days prior to the end date, all you need to do is reply to the "consignment ending soon email" and we will pull your items and email you once they're ready for pick up! Items left after consignment period without a call or email from consignor become the property of Forget Me Not Consignments, LLC. 

Any item found with a defect after acceptance will be donated for you. Credit can be used in store toward a purchase or picked up. Credits under $10 will be given in cash. Credits $11 and over will be given in check form. Checks can be written when Jamie or Mary are at the shop, generally Tuesday through Saturday until 4:00pm. You may call ahead and request a check to be ready for pick up after 4:00pm.  Credits must be claimed within 6 MONTHS.  We will care for and protect consigned items, but we are not responsible for theft, fire, damage or other loss to your items.



We're not just for consignors! Shoppers keep us in business!  We provide excellent customer service, a comfortable shopping environment, and endless inventory for you to enjoy.  New items are put out 5 days a week, so you never know what you'll find for sale! Shop often and tell your friends!

Contact Us:
Phone: 425-820-9975